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Friday, December 09, 2005 

Wil Wheaton's "Just a Geek"

Wil Wheaton has just announced on his blog the audio book version of his geek manifesto, 'Just a geek'.
I'm a regular reader of Wil's blog(temporarily here, normally here). He's an incredibly funny guy and quite a superb writer.

I've read 'Just a Geek' in book form but I'll hold-off and review the audio book once I've had a chance to listen. I've heard Wil speak in person and if that is any indicator, then this will be a must-own audio selection.

You can get it yourself from 10quicksteps.com in either MP3 or CDformat.

This is a great piece. You should get it on iTunes or newfiction.com to get the audio book out there for free.

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